Chairman message in Yawuru..Yawuru Ngan-ga language.

This is a message in Yawuru which explains my place in the country and the surrounding areas of Broome. It explains my rai “or totem” the Jalyinimarr or Pelican, and that our people are from Kunin, and Broome. Thanks goes out to fellow Yawuru man, Bart Pigram from Narlija Tours for helping me with writing this statement.

How are you all My name is Dale Robinson I am a Walman Yawuru man My old people come from Crab Creek to Ganin in Broome. My totem is the pelican

Thank you for bringing me here to your country I am honored to be here on your country

Thank you.

Ngaji gurrjin Nilawarl janu Dale Robinson Ngayu Walman Yawurungany wamba wamba jarndu mirdanya janu yingarrbulan Man-galagun yirr Ganin, Rubibi. Rayi janu Jalinymarr

Gala mabu gurragan ngayu nyamba gun buru jirra. Gala Wirriya junu ngangan nyamba gun buru jirra.