Yawuru Technology Group specialises in providing modular office, study hubs and computing solutions to Remote Communities, Mines and Residential settlements through our Telepod product.  We are able to install an Airconditioned, Fully Networked and Furnished workstation Telepod anywhere in the world with high-speed connectivity to your corporate network and the internet.

The Telepod is an ideal instant solution for remote sites looking to provide a rapid IT infrastructure for staff in a community or exploration camp.

The YAWURU TelePod is the jewel in the crown of YAWURU structure’s, these structures are rapidly Deployable, Easily transportable & Very Robust.


  • Fully integrated In-Community training facility.
  • 4, 8, 14 Seating configurations.
  • Full Self-sustaining (off-grid solar with Genset backup)
  • Voice, Video, & Data capable
  • High Bandwidth Satellite (1~10 Mbps)
  • Over 500 Tertiary Courses available
  • High Powered WiFi Hotspot (up to 1.2 km footprint).
 Support & Service
  • Telepod structure
  • Local Area Network
  • Satellite internet Link
  • Wireless network (Wifi)
  • Computers
  • Office Equipments
  • Telephony
  • Power & Environmental control
  • Testing, Training & Documentation.


  • Highly Configurable 10′, 20′, 40′ solutions
  • Rapidly Deployable.
  • Easily transportable (10′ solution less than 2400 kg).
  • Self Sustaining ( solar w/storage & Genset backup).
  • High Bandwidth (1~10 Mbps).
  • Voice, Video & Data capable ( separate Voice & Data channels).
  • High Powered WiFi Hotspot (up to 1.2 square km footprint).



  • Highly Configurable Trailer & Truck Mounted solutions.
  • Easily transportable (solution less than 1000 kg).
  • Self Sustaining ( Vehicle powered w/Genset backup).
  • Medium Bandwidth (1~4 Mbps).
  • Voice & Data capable ( separate Voice & Data Channels).
  • WiFi Hotspot (upto 800 m footprint).

Our Partners
  1. YAWURU has partnered with ZELLABOX to ensure remote solutions are stable and remotely manageable.
  2. Our Satellite providers Optus & Orion offer premium satellite services with low upfront costs and reasonable usage plans.
  3. Dell & HP are our hardware partners offering superior products with the backup of onsite support.
  4. Our networks are powered by Cisco, the world leader in network technology.

Hardware and software re-seller:

Yawuru IT Services is an authorized re-seller for a range of brand name computer
and telecommunications equipment including Dell, HP, and Inmarsat Pro Satellite telephones Ect. We also sell and support.

  • Orion fixed and mobile satellite platforms providing telephony and remote broadband solutions to Mining, Oil and Gas industries.
  • Satellite phone handsets (Inmarsat, Iridium)
  • Satellite tracking devices and IVMS
  • Wireless Services (Cambium, Huawei, Ruckus networks) for improving WIFI signal with ADS
    L backhaul (3G/4G offload).
  • Foxtel Services for mining camp and remote communities.

            Many More….

For More Details or Customized quote please feel free to contact us.

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