Service Offering

WALGA has established a panel of specialised providers for ICT and Related Services which will provide Local Governments with direct access to a broad range of pre-qualified and Tender exempt ICT suppliers.

There are ten (10) sub-categories to assist Local Governments to quickly identify the pre-qualified vendors relevant to their specific requirements. However, the convergent nature of ICT means that there is significant overlap between some sub-categories.

WALGA has appointed suppliers through a competitive tender process who range across two (2) dimensions. Firstly, the vertical scale of capacity, from very small operations to large multi-national companies. Secondly, the horizontal scale of capability, from niche expertise through to wide-ranging capabilities. Local Governments can engage the most appropriate pre-qualified supplier to meet their specific purposes.

ICT and Related Services

Yawuru IT Services work with supplier companies to source ICT equipment such as Ingramm Micro, CSRE Technology, ASTA and Orion Satellite Systems. They are a vendor supplier for OPTUS Satellite broadband systems. Their consortium of companies gives them buying power on behalf of the client and also offer more advanced ICT solutions.

  1. ICT Design, Planning & Implementation (Full Scope)
  2. Supply of Computer Hardware & Peripherals
  3. CCNA Network Administration, including fitout of CAT 6 cabling, Network Design, Patching, Comms Cabinet, Wireless Access Point & Controllers.
  4. Data Centre Hosting to meet client requirements.
  5. Combined Endorsement (Integracom), Open Cabling Registration (TITAB)
  6. Software Engineering.
  7. Standard AV Equipment and fitout, Data Projector, Whiteboard, DVD, Tele Conferencing.
  8. SLA, Managed Services, Microsoft Licensing / audit, ITIL standards.

Supply ICT solutions, Installations, Onsite / Managed I.T. services, modular building supply.


Pricing and conditions of contract.

All Preferred Suppliers are legally required to provide their best prices and conditions of supply through the WALGA Contract. Significant discounts have been secured by WALGA exclusively for Local Governments purchasing through the WALGA Preferred Supply Contract.

  • Consultancy – Technical
  • Consultancy – ICT Management
  • Managed ICT Services
  • Products and Associated Consultancy
  • Network and Communications Technologies
  • Web Development including Apps
  • Data Centre Services
  • GIS Services
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Fitout
  • Records and Archives

Further details on the pricing schedules for each Preferred Supplier can be obtained from eQuotes or by emailing preferred supplier@walga.asn.au


Conditions of Contract.

A comprehensive set of Member General Conditions of Contract support this arrangement. This documentation is available for download via eQuotes. Members must reference the WALGA Conditions of Contract and relate Member Conditions in all communications with Preferred Suppliers.